Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Welcome to Whispering Winds Farm

What did we get when we bought this place? A lot of joy and a whole lot more work! There was 16 years of catch-up waiting for us to jump right in and get started. There is only one of me and my husband is very busy with his famous photography. (You will have to go over there and have a peek at the beautiful work he has done.) We do get to work together from time to time. I work in the office and help him.

The desire to be a farmer is mine though, and when it comes to that end of life, I generally take care of business. The first lesson that I learned on the farm is that everything needs to be done right now. Here’s a little farm poem for you:

The work on the farm is never done,
So save some for tomorrow and have more fun!

This may seem like a nursery rhyme, but let me tell you a little secret. The wisdom couched in this simplistic verse would shock you. You could work around this place until you drop, and folks, it would just never end. The little gem is that you need to stop and make a point of enjoying the process and what you have.

When life gets beyond me I grab my husband’s hand and take him on a blessings walk. We head out to look at the buildings, talk about our plans for the future, enjoy the sunshine, pet the animals, and watch our kids running healthy and happy in the yard while the dogs rough, tumble and chase the kittens. That’s the beauty of it all that makes it worth everything to live on a farm. Life is just plain good out here.

Of course with our combined skills, we make an awesome combo. He’s excellent with home repair and electrical stuff which comes in mighty handy when you need to update a 106 year old house. He can also wrestle a goat with pink-eye so that I can administer eye medication. I need to mention he is just a super guy. See, he really isn’t a farm boy—At All! He would have been much more content to move a little closer to the city and have easier access to all that cool commercial and fashion photography. So, this farm was his gift to all his girls. All in all, we really are a team.

The truly amazing thing is exactly how much we have done in just less than a year. We worked on the house a lot, but now that the weather is changing, I guess we will have some outdoor projects coming up.

Keep coming back and see what we are up to next at the farm.




At 10:42 AM, Blogger This Pastor's Wife said...

Hello, Melanie!

I found your blog linked at Aardvark Alley and thought I'd check it out ... love it! I look forward to returning for more visits. Welcome to the blogosphere!


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